When I think about attending college, I think about:

Finding a long-lasting career. I look at college as a first step toward building a long-lasting career.
Experiencing college life while creating lifelong friendships.
Finding a career where I can help others and do good in the world.
Preparing myself for grad school and/or research.
Getting experience through the classroom or internships so I can step into a job right after graduation.
College is a huge step, and I want to invest in the right place that fits me the best.

How would you describe yourself?

I'm the calm, cool, and collected one.
Some say I'm the life of the party.
I love to plan ahead for the future.
I want to help do good in the world.
I love exploring things firsthand.
I know what I want, and I work hard to get it.

How important are extracurricular and social activities to you? (ie. sports, academic and social clubs, internships, study abroad, etc.)

Extracurricular activities are central to my college experience. I’m excited to meet new people!
I love being part of academic clubs and look forward to developing relationships with my professors and classmates.
I love getting to know people who are brought together by common goals like bettering the local and global communities.
If it helps my chances of graduating and getting a job quickly, then I’m in.
I prefer to better myself through academics, so I’m picky with experiences outside the classroom.
I’m more interested in internships and work-study opportunities.

Outside of school, what is your favorite thing to do?

I love to relax and escape into a story.
Feel the burnnnnn.
So much to learn about the world.
I love exploring new places.
Nature is the best way to refuel.

Which of these would be your ideal study spot?

group coffee shop
outside with friends on picnic blanket
solo coffee shop

What's your ideal weekend activity?

Going on a weekend adventure.
Organizing an on-campus blood drive.
Hanging out with friends and going to a concert.
Getting a head start on your next assignment.
Going to a coffee shop and catching up on some reading.
Working on the weekends. Gotta be ready for life after college!

What is your dream job?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?